ComfyDance weekend

ComfyDance weekend

23-25 of August 2019





John Kirkconnel & Alyssa Glanville


John and Alyssa are a dynamic, exciting partnership! They became partners five years ago and have taught all over the world. John started dancing West Coast Swing over 14 years ago and quickly became one of Canada’s best dancers and instructors. All his students love his playful personality and the connection he makes with the music.
Alyssa started West Coast Swing about 9 years ago, and immediately fell in love with the dance, especially the creative aspect drawn from other dances. She uses her experience in Lindyhop, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Jazz, and Ballet to enhance her West Coast Swing. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area has also given her many opportunities to teach and grow in her own dance.
Both John and Alyssa compete on the Swing Circuit in the Champions division. Together they have traveled around North America, Europe and Asia spreading their personal love for Swing. Their partnership emphasizes musicality and connection.

During the weekend they will be teaching several classes on multiple levels plus there will be a modern jazz solo class and some fun competitions…


Corvin Dance Center
Address: 43-45 Liliom street, 1094 Budapest (6th floor)


Minion level
You are confident in your basics but would like to work on your technique and learn new patterns and variations. You like the class to be a bit slower so there is enough time for going through all the little details.
Minimum 6-12 months of west coast swing.

Balloon level
up quote
The basics and the more complicated patterns are no problem for you and can dance them with anyone. You are a regular at social dances, been to internationsal events already and no type of music can confuse you. You would like to learn more elements for developing your own style and for stronger musicality. Also you don’t mind if the tempo is a bit faster.
Minimum 1,5-2 years of west coast swing.

Aristocats level
You have been to a lot of international events and entered a bunch of competitions. Leading/following is easy for you but you would like to work on the little details so you can express yourself with your partner even more creatively. You learn quickly and would like some more complicated patterns, stylings and techniques.
Minimum WSDC Novice 8 points.

On the first class on Saturday you will have the opportunity to show the teachers what you know and have a chance to get into higher levels even if you don’t meet the necessary official requirements but we kindly ask you to register for the appropriate level according to the above guidelines.


Early bird (first 30 passes):                 85 euro
Normal bird (next 70 passes):         100 euro
Late bird:                                                 115 euro

For advanced and all star dancers it’s free (you still need to register)!
What definitely is included:
At least 5 hours of west coast swing per level and several non west coast but relevant all level classes such as modern jazz or streching and an hour an a half of practical knowledge about good posture and muscle usage and how that effects your dancing, what does a physiotherapist do and how we can properly care for our bodies. Also a positive athmosphese, nightly parties, interesting games and competitions.

Registration opens on February 23rd at 12pm!
Stay tuned for more information!